“Marvel’s Netflix Shows Will Be Bridged Together With One Key Character”

“Superhero work is a dangerous business, and if you’re not coming back with injuries after fighting crime, you’re either extremely good at your job or you’re not doing it right. Fortunately for Daredevil’s titular hero Matt Murdock, he was able to turn to nurse Claire Temple to get stitched up several times, and with each visit they grew closer. Although she didn’t star in as many episodes as some of the other main characters, she was nonetheless an important member of the cast, which is why many fans will be pleased to hear we’ll be seeing more of her next year.

Marvel revealed today that Rosario Dawson will be reprising her role as Claire in Daredevil‘s second season. However, the announcement also stated that her return is part of a “larger exclusive TV deal” that will let her appear in any of Marvel’s other Netflix programming. This is another example of how these Marvel shows will be crossing over with one another in the coming years.

Other examples includes the Defenders miniseries, which will see all of Marvel’s Netflix heroes teaming up together, and Luke Cage debuting on A.K.A. Jessica Jones. As for Dawson’s Claire, it sounds like she will serve as the connective thread between many these shows, similar to Nick Fury’s role during Marvel’s Phase One slate of movies…”



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