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“Everything You Need to Know About X-23, and Why Her Appearance in Logan Is So Important”

“The first trailer for Logan dropped [recently], giving us confirmation of the long-standing rumor that comic book hero Laura Kinney—a.k.a. X-23—will be in the movie. If that name doesn’t ring a bell for you, we’re here to help: it’s because little Laura could end up being the key to the future of Wolverine on the big screen.

To put it simply, Laura is a female clone of Wolverine, first introduced in the comics in early 2004. She was actually first created for two episodes of the animated series X-Men: Evolution’s third season by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, before Marvel decided to bring the character over to their comics. Her first comics series, NYX, showcased the teen X-23 in action with no details on her mysterious past, which wouldn’t be fully unveiled until she got her own self-titled miniseries in 2006 and 2011, X-23: Target X and X-23: Innocence Lost.

In the comics, ever since Wolverine escaped the Weapon X project, there were attempts to recreate the successes that lead to his adamantium-encased bone, but they all failed. Martin Sutter, the head of the original Weapon X program, recruited a mutant geneticist named Sarah Kinney to lead a new version of the project—one that, instead of simply trying to bond adamantium to a live test subject, would instead simply clone Weapon X’s biggest successes.

Kinney faced a problem, though. The project’s last sample of Logan’s DNA was heavily damaged, and attempts to make a male clone failed 22 times. Kinney suggested to Sutter that a female clone be created out of what was left of Wolverine’s material—eventually he agreed, leading to the birth of X-23. (Long story short, when Sutter refused at first, Kinney defied him and made a female clone anyway, which led Sutter’s sadistic protege Zander Rice to force Kinney to be impregnated with the clone as “punishment” for defying Sutter…).”



“X-Men: New Mutants Video Showcases Heroes Fighting Demon Bear”

“As Twentieth Century Fox rejigs the creative team behind Deadpool 2 after the fallout between star Ryan Reynolds and ex-director Tim Miller, and as they begin promoting the end of Hugh Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine with Logan, so to are other big plans in the works.

This summer’s X-Men: Apocalypse marked a significant drop off in box office revenues and critical reception after the success of 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past so the franchise is looking towards new directions in continuing the lucrative series. Up next is the team-based spinoff New Mutants and then there will be another core X-Men movie shortly thereafter, although this timewithout long-time helmer Bryan Singer. There’s a Gambit origin movie somewhere in there as well, stuck in development hell, but the studio has just set a pair of release dates for 2018 and 2019.

Coming Soon has just shared an internal video for the next upcoming X-Men project, depicting scenes from New Mutants in animatics form. We see Illyana Rasputin a.k.a. Magik (sister of Colossus) confront a bear with Lockheed the dragon at her side and magic Soulsword in-hand. Lockheed of course, a fan-fave pet of Kitty Pryde in the comics actually does share a connection to Illyana in that the little purple creature resembles purple dragon from a fairy tale that Pryde had read to her.

The massive creature is the “Demon Bear” from the beginning the New Mutantcomics (issue #3) and the other character include Wolfsbane (Maisie Williams) pushing the trolley where Danielle Moonstar lays injured, as Cannonball launches into the Bear to knock it back…”


“X-23: 5 Essential Stories To Read Before Seeing Logan”

“X-23 is a character with an interesting history. She belongs to the special club of comic book characters that debuted in other media, in X-23’s case the X-Men: Evolution animated television series.

X-23, a.k.a Laura Kinney then made her comic book debut in NYX #3 in 2004. Since then she’s become an integral part of the X-Men family, trained under the wing of her mentor and “father” Wolverine, joined the violent hit squad X-Force, and even spent some time hanging out with the Avengers.

Now she’s taken up the mantle of Wolverine and soon Laura will be making her big screen debut in Logan, the final Wolverine movie to star Hugh Jackman in the titular role.

This article is here to help fans looking to get to know Laura a little better. It covers Laura’s journey from birth all the way up to her earning the Wolverine name. Read these stories and you won’t be able to wait to see X-23 in Logan.

Logan opens in theaters March 3, 2017.

Innocence Lost

X-23: Innocence Lost was X-23’s first time headlining a comic book. The six-issue limited series is written by X-23’s creators Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost and illustrated by Billy Tan and reveals X-23’s origin story.

X-23’s story begins at The Facility and offshoot of the Weapon Plus program that created Wolverine. The Facility wants to create a new Wolverine and attempt to accomplish the goal by cloning him. A brilliant scientist is brought on board to figure out how and decides to alter the sample to be a female. The catch is that she has to carry the clone to term herself.

She gives birth to X-23. Despite The Facility renting the child out as an assassin, Sarah manages to imbue Laura with humanity and a conscience, which leads to conflict with Sarah’s employers…”


“New Mutants: Casting Fox’s Young X-Men Movie “

“With “X-Men: Apocalypse” out of the way, it’s time for 20th Century Fox to up the mutant ante with “New Mutants.” The studio has already signed director Josh Boone, who helmed the teen drama “The Fault In Our Stars” to lead the New Mutant charge; and with a couple drafts done prior with names like James McAvoy (as Professor Xavier) and Alexandra Shipp (as Storm) rumored to be attached, it’s pretty clear that the studio and fans both are chomping at the bit to see a new faction in the mutant universe.

Originally created by revered writer Chris Claremont and artist Bob McLeod in 1982, the New Mutants were conceived to add more depth to Marvel’s mutants outside of the ever-popular X-Men as an ethnically-diverse bunch of angsty teens focused on world/universe-hopping to battle aliens and magical threats. With that rich and compelling history in mind, CBR takes a look at who we’d love Boone and co. to cast as the new Children of the Atom.

10. Dani Moonstar: Q’orianka Kilcher

Danielle “Dani” Moonstar, who ran by the codenames Psyche and later Mirage, is a Cheyenne badass who originally possessed the telepathic ability to create illusions and projections of what was manifesting in her opponents’ minds. She later developed a wide range of psionic and energy manipulation powers. She also developed magical abilities after becoming a Valkyrie of Asgard, further enhancing her prowess as a tactician and mental strategist.

26 year-old German-born Q’orianka Kilcher showed her acting chops matched her exotic looks as Pocahontas in 2005’s “The New World,” “Princess Kaiulani” four years later, and on television in “Sons of Anarchy” and “Longmire.” Kilcher displayed a lot of maturity as a 15 year-old Pocahontas opposite Colin Farrell and has shown in her television performances that she’s a caged beast waiting to be unleashed. As she’s broken away from more reserved roles over the last few years, we think putting her in a lead position could skyrocket her directly into the limelight…”


“FX’S X-Men-Based “Legion” Adds Amber Midthunder to Cast”

Deadline has learned that FX’s “Legion” pilot has added one more name to its cast: Amber Midthunder. Deadline describes Midthunder’s character, whose name is Kerry, as “a woman of action with a childlike sense of wonder. A true savant, Kerry has lived a sheltered, but never dull life.”

The pilot comes from “Fargo” showrunner Noah Hawley and will star “Downton Abbey’s” Dan Stevens as David Haller, the son of Charles Xavier and a man with mental illness and haunted by voices in his head.

“Legion” will also star Aubrey Plaza, Jean Smart, Jeremie Harris and Rachel Keller.

“Like the rest of the previously announced characters, Midthunder’s Kerry does not appear to have been based on any character from the X-Men comics. “Legion” is in development at cable network FX, with Hawley on board as a producer.

“Since he was a teenager, David has struggled with mental illness. Diagnosed as schizophrenic, David has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years. But after a strange encounter with a fellow patient, he’s confronted with the possibility that the voices he hears and the visions he sees might be real.”