“Marvel Announces New Miss America Chavez Series”

“From the “Meet Marvel @ NYCC” retailer panel at New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics announced America, a new series featuring Miss America Chavez.

Marvel teased the series with a cover image drawn by Jamie McKelvie, who is associated with Chavez from his time drawing in the pages of Young Avengers. The image features Miss America in a powerful pose, with a gold chain with a large “#1” pendant hanging from it.

Marvel Comics did not reveal who would be writing or illustrating the new series.

Miss America was created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta in the 2011 Marvel Comics limited series Vengeance. She joined the Young Avengers as part of the 2013 Young Avengers series by McKelvie and writer Kieron Gillen. She also appeared as part of the A-Force series during Secret Wars and is currently a member of the Ultimates in Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort’s ongoing The Ultimates series. Miss America will continue to be a part of the Ultimates as The Ultimates comes to its conclusion and Ultimates2 takes its place.

Miss America is a Latin-American character and a member of the LGBTQ community. She has proven to be incredibly powerful and is capable of crossing realities by punching star-shaped holes in the universe.

Miss America comes from a parallel, utopian dimensions. Her own parents sacrificed themselves to protect their universe from destruction. Feeling the need prove herself a hero, and realizing that her own universe no longer needed saving, Miss America struck out on her and eventually landed in the main Marvel Universe.”



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