“David Walker Talks POWER MAN & IRON FIST and the Return of Alex Wilder”

David Walker has been delivering great Power Man and Iron Fist stories that have a combined feeling of the early days of the characters with the current modern feel. We’ve seen some older and obscure villains pop up. Now, we’re about to see an unexpected foe for the Heroes for Hire — Alex Wilder.

Wilder was a great part of the Runaways…until he revealed his dark intentions. Not even death was enough to stop him as he is coming back to give Luke and Danny trouble. We got the chance to talk to Walker to find out more about what’s coming up.

Comic Vine: How far back does your love for Luke Cage and Danny Rand go?

David Walker: I was introduced to both characters when I was a kid, back in the 1970s, so this is a long term relationship. Luke and Danny officially became a team in the 50th issue of Power Man, which was retitled Power Man and Iron Fist, back in 1978. I bought. That issue on the newsstand. I was nine or ten at the time.

Comic Vine: How did you come up with Luke’s alternatives to cursing like “fiddle-faddle”?

There were multiple inspirations, the first being that I hate comics where characters are swearing but not really swearing. When someone says “crud” or “frack,” we know what they are saying, and to me, even as a kid, it sounded fake. I needed to come up with a way around that gimmick, and the fact that Luke is a dad was the perfect opportunity. All my friends with kids have problems with swearing in front of their kids, and everyone seems to have one of those swear jars, where you have to put money every time you drop a cuss word. I pulled all that together, and came up with the concept of Luke really struggling to not use profanity…”



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