“The Defenders: 6 Marvel Villains Sigourney Weaver Might Play”

“Marvel and Netflix dropped a major bombshell at NYCC this past weekend when actress Sigourney Weaver walked on stage at the “Iron Fist” panel and revealed that she’s been cast as the lead villain in the upcoming Defenders series. We don’t know which character Weaver will be playing, but clearly it’s someone capable of taking on the combined might of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. That alone narrows down the candidate pool a bit.

We’ve put together a list of seven potential villains Weaver might play in The Defenders. Because Marvel isn’t averse to gender-swapping characters from time to time, we’re including a mix of male and female characters.


Viper seems like the perfect option if Marvel wants to use The Defenders to build closer ties between the Netflix shows, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers movies. Viper is a villain with ties to the Hand, which has been a recurring threat in Daredevil and will soon resurface in Iron Fist next year. She’s also served as a head of Hydra. Given how high the turnover rate with that job is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s probably about time to introduce a new one anyway. And between her abilities as a skilled assassin and a master of poisons, Viper has the fighting skills to clash directly with the Defenders.

It’s worth pointing out that Viper already appeared as a villain in 2013’s The Wolverine. However, given that she’s as much an Avengers villain as an X-Men villain, we doubt Marvel Studios would be prevented from using her. If we can have two Quicksilvers in live-action, why not two Vipers…?”



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