“Gorillaz Debut Wild Multimedia Story Ahead of New Music”

“Pearls, demons, and Arcade Fire jokes abound in the new multimedia story from Gorillaz. The virtual band debuted a short story on social media Monday called “The Book of Noodle” ahead of releasing new music.

In the story, protagonist Noodle has “drifted away from Plastic Beach” and accidentally allows an evil demon to escape from a magical pearl she found. Plastic Beach references the band’s 2010 album.

Unfortunately for Noodle, the demon is a shape-shifter and according the “The Book of Noodle,” locating a shape-shifter “is like looking for a beard at an Arcade Fire concert.” Noodle eventually tracks down the pesky demon, who is now a central figure in the criminal underworld. After disguising herself as a geisha, Noodle decapitates the demon.

Victory belongs to Noodle, but to avoid the demon’s lackeys she escapes in a crate to read some Herman Melville on her way to London…”



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