“What To Expect From Misty Knight In Luke Cage, According To The Actress”

“Netflix’s Luke Cage will debut later this month, and will bring quite a few familiar characters back into the fray — from Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple, to the titular hero himself. However, the series will also introduce some awesome comic book characters that have never been adapted to the screen before, such as Misty Knight. With no precedent set, it’s hard to know exactly what to expect from Ms. Knight’s arrival. According to actress Simone Missick we should expect all sorts of badass super heroics and consummate detective work. Missick explained:

She is bad…badass…She’s a detective in Harlem… Homebred and she really is passionate about her community and passionate about the people who live there. She was an athlete growing up, so you see a strong woman, not only mentally but physically. She also has this amazing superpower called Misty-vision, that she uses as a detective. She has the ability to look at a crime scene and figure out what happened, so she’s got this amazing clearance rate.

During a recent interview on Home & Family, Luke Cage actress Simone Missick opened up regarding her role as Misty Knight in the upcoming Netflix series, and explained the attributes that make her character so badass. By her own estimation, Misty Knight is a tough as nails Harlem detective, in top physical condition, and she has an uncanny intuition for solving crimes. Jokingly referring to it as “Misty-vision,” Missick elaborated and explained that Misty Knight has a unique ability to work through a crime scene just by looking at the evidence. She’s Sherlock Harlem.

Obviously we should note that impressive deductive reasoning skills might not necessarily be considered true superpowers by a number of fans, but it shows that Misty Knight has some inherently useful talents that will make her a valuable ally to Luke Cage (Mike Colter) throughout the course of the series…”



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