“Marvel’s Female Comic Characters: Inspiring Others And Taking Over The Silver Screen”

“For decades, the Marvel Comics scene has been filled with characters of all shapes, all sizes, all powers, going from the gigantic Hulk, to the shrunken Ant-Man. All of these characters have esteemed and familiar backgrounds complemented by fascinating origin stories. I mean, who doesn’t know Spider-Man? Or Captain America? Or Wolverine?

But hold up. Instead of looking at the popular lads of the Marvel Universe, let’s take a moment to appreciate the ladies. That’s right. We’re taking a moment to acknowledge the leading women of this universe, and the impact they have had on viewers and on the silver screen.

Here’s something that I find utterly important about the women of the Marvel Comics: Plenty of them are presented as equals to the men. Equal strengths, equal leaders, and overall equal individuals. They are not downgraded, as female character sadly tend to be, but instead they are portrayed as beacons of potential. Through Marvel Comics, we have truly been exposed to the idea of women in power.

For me, it is much more pleasing to see a heroine that is just as strong as any man. This only proves that gender means nothing. It’s simply a title of sex and not an established way to react to society’s expectations. Plenty of women from the Marvel Comics are regarded as embodiments of power…”



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