“15 Marvel Villains That Could Be Taken On In Netflix’s Defenders”

“Marvel Television really hit it out of the park during their San Diego Comic-Con panel a couple of weeks ago. While everyone expected the first trailer for this fall’s Luke Cage, the teasers for both Iron Fist and The Defenders, which will be released on Netflix next year, were totally unexpected. Although they were brief, they did their job and got people talking, especially about who the villain that forces the Defenders to team up might be.

Now, this version of the Defenders is very different from the one in the comic books. The original team, at least on paper, was created by none other than the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Dr. Stephen Strange. Although the roster had a tendency to be fluid, the constants on the team seemed to be Strange, the Hulk, and the Silver Surfer. This is why a lot of traditional Defenders villains have a tendency to be foes of these individual heroes. Characters like Baron Mordo, Magneto, Red Hulk, and Amora The Enchantress are either busy in other parts of the MCU, or just don’t make sense. This list is showcasing characters who we think may just be powerful enough to bring our heroes together.

Note: May contain spoilers!

Here are Screen Rant’s 15 Marvel Villains Who Could Be Taking On Netflix’s Defenders…”



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