“15 Powers You Didn’t Know Wonder Woman Had”

“After 75 years since her creation, Wonder Woman will finally be getting her own big budget movie next year! It’s something that felt like it might never actually happen, as we witnessed so many other big name heroes get their solo films. Then we started witnessing the increasingly more obscure heroes getting their big screen adaptions and we couldn’t help wondering how a talking superhero raccoon (albeit a very entertaining one) was making it into movies before one of the main icons of DC comics.

Now that the first trailer for the Wonder Woman movie was released at Comic-Con, it finally feels like a reality, and the wait is nearly over. But because of how scarce Wonder Woman has been in movies compared toBatman or Superman, a lot of people who don’t keep up with her comics might not even know all the powers she has. Do you fit into that category as well? Don’t worry, we’ll catch you up on everything you need to know about the princess of the Amazons before you go to see her movie. So you already know Diana Prince has a lasso and some bracelets, but these are 15 Powers You Didn’t Know Wonder Woman Had.


What, you didn’t think Marvel heroes were the only ones with healing factors, did you? Now Wonder Woman is no Wolverine or Deadpool when it comes to bouncing back from major injuries, but she’s absolutely more difficult to take out than your average human—and even some of your above average heroes. Even if your first introduction to seeing what Wonder Woman can do was from her appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (in which case, where have you been for the last 75 years since her creation?) then you know she’s pretty durable. She stood up to Doomsday, a villain capable of even sending Batman running for his life…”



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