“Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt Blast Away in ‘The Magnificent Seven’ Trailer”

“Because in modern Hollywood, no classic tale shall go un-remade, 1960’s The Magnificent Seven — itself an Americanized version of Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 masterpiece Seven Samurai — will soon get a contemporary update courtesy of director Antoine Fuqua. And courtesy of its latest trailer (watch it above), we’re all now receiving the calling cards of the desperadoes who’ll be populating the forthcoming guns-a-blazing Western.

Reuniting director Fuqua with his Training Day leads, Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, both of whom will gallop alongside Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic Worldstar Chris Pratt, The Magnificent Seven details the efforts of seven misfit comrades to help a woman gain revenge — if not righteousness —against Peter Sarsgaard’s villainous tycoon. With Washington as the Bounty Hunter, Pratt as the Gambler, Hawke as the Sharpshooter, and four more deadly fighters joining their cause, Fuqua’s film looks like a non-stop barrage of old-West firefights and trailer-ready one-liners, all of it handled by a cast whose diversity will lend the action a decidedly revisionist twist. Plus, given that it’s co-written by True Detective mastermind Nic Pizzolatto, it should also feature more than its fair share of brutal, tortured male brooding — which, it appears, will primarily come via Washington’s atonement-seeking cowboy.

Following on the heels of last year’s Bone Tomahawk and The Hateful Eight (whose title was an obvious riff on this film’s), The Magnificent Seven will continue the Western’s high-profile revival at the multiplex. Considering its considerable star power and emphasis on familiar genre conventions — middle-of-the-street showdowns, saloon shootouts, one-against-many clashes, and horseback derring-do — the film should wrangle up considerable interest when it stampedes into theaters on Sept. 23.”



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