“Suicide Squad’s Katana is the Team’s Deadliest Member, Says Fukuhara”

“One thing the teasers have hammered home to audiences in the ramp up to “Suicide Squad’s” theatrical debut is, it’s never been so good to be bad. However, not everyone on the team deserves to be locked up with the keys thrown away. Take, for example, Katana, a samurai warrior with an apparently unwavering moral code, who serves on the Squad less in the interest of saving the world and more as Rick Flag’s protector.

Of course, it helps that she possesses a sword capable of trapping the soul of its victims inside the blade, which makes her a bit more dangerous than your average sword-wielding hero. Wait — did we say “a bit more dangerous?”

“[S]he’s one of the deadliest,” newcomer Karen Fukuhara told the press of her character during a set visit last summer, before catching and correcting herself. “She is the deadliest [Squad member].” In other words, Katana is the one person the rest of the team — and everyone else — should make sure to watch their manners around.

You were one of the few cast members who had to be watching all the press thinking, “They don’t know about me. They don’t know who I’m playing.” When the official image came out, you were one of the genuine surprises — that Katana is even in this movie.

 Karen Fukuhara: Yeah. Online it said I was going to be playing Plastique, which was interesting because she’s a red-headed, green-eyed, voluptuous woman. But, yeah, it was kind of amazing to see our first photo go up, and then the positive reactions that came with it.

Can you talk about how you won this role and what the audition process was like?

Well, I auditioned like everyone else. I know that they looked all over Asia for someone who spoke English, and also Japanese, and also knew how to do all the stunt work…”



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