“Interview With URBANCE Creator Joel Dos Reis Viegas”

“A few weeks ago Steambot released a trailer for their new gang war tale titled URBANCE. It quickly went viral on social bookmarking sites (breaking a few thousand on Reddit), and a horde of eager fanboys are anxiously awaiting the animation’s release. Well, we were actually given the opportunity to speak with creator Joel Dos Reis Viegas about his neon lighted beauty. Check out what he had to say about the future of URBANCE, his inspirations, and when we can expect it to release…

UTF: You haven’t put too much info online, and so far we only know that this story is about a “gender gang war” with women and men on opposite sides. How’d you create this idea?

Well, the idea of writing a story came from my buddies at Steambot. They were looking at some urban illustrations I made and thought it would be nice to make a story. Then I started thinking about what kind of story I can tell. The first thought that came to my mind was the mafia and the settling of scores, but it didn’t end up working. I wanted to tell a story that’s more personal, inspired from different situations I witness every day. One evening, I was watching a documentary on female gangs on TV, and thought how horrible it must be to endure initiations. Then the story idea finally came to me.

In North America, the relationship between guys and girls is very different compared to Europe. I find that Canadian women are more independent and often intimidate men. So I thought it might be cool to project into the future and create a dysfunctional world.

In North America, the relationship between guys and girls are very different from what happens in Europe. Since I live in Canada, I find that women are more independent and often intimidate men. It is increasingly difficult to find someone in our time, it’s a fact.So I found it interesting to push this context further and imagine a dysfunctional world…”



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