“From Riri Williams to Kamala Khan: Meet Marvel’s ‘Legacy Heroes'”

“Two days ago, Time Magazine broke the news that Tony Stark will soon be Iron Man no more! Teenager Riri Williams is just the latest in a long line of ‘Legacy Heroes’, characters who take on the mantle of Marvel’s legends. Since 2011, Marvel comic book fans have seen old, established heroes step aside in order to allow new superheroes to stand in the spotlight. Marvel has also used the approach to increase comic book diversity, with these new ‘Legacy Heroes’ often either female or ethnically diverse. So who are these ‘Legacy Heroes’, and could we ever see them in the movies?


In the wake of “Secret Wars”, Marvel began teasing the appearance of a new ‘Totally Awesome’ Hulk. But who was the man behind the monster? We soon learned that this new Hulk was Amadeus Cho, a Korean American teenage genius who’s long been a friend of Hercules and the Hulk. Irradiated with Gamma energy, Amadeus gained the power to transform into the Hulk – but, unlike Bruce Banner, he retains his mind. Given that Amadeus has been described by Reed Richards as the seventh-smartest person in the world, that means the ever-incredible Hulk is now packing brains as well as brawn!

In the MCU, Amadeus’s mother Helen Cho (played by Claudia Kim) was a scientist at U-Gin Genetics who was drawn into the battle against Ultron. Amadeus himself actually made a cameo in The Incredible Hulk, where Martin Starr played a computer nerd who granted Bruce Banner access to the computers at Culver University in return for pizza. The novelization named that student as Amadeus Cho…”



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