“”RWBY Chibi” Offers an Apology to Fans”

“(Warning: This article will contain spoilers for RWBY, including all the way through Volume 3. If you are not caught up on RWBY, you can watch the entire series on RoosterTeeth.com.)

Rooster Teeth‘s biggest animated show since Red Vs Blue has been arollercoaster ride since the very beginning. What started out as a light hearted show about four girls training to be huntresses has turned into a serious revelation about the dangers of the world. After bringing in a large fan base mostly due to the lovable nature and the connectability of the characters, show writers Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross have gone after the hearts of the fans in a very Game Of Thrones-esque way – by killing off characters people have attached themselves to.

The first one was Penny Polendina, who was beginning to get more development as a character. Many adored the lovable Penny for her bubbly personality, and just when fans were hoping Penny would gain a much larger role in the series, she was quickly split into four pieces.

Then came the death of Pyrrha Nikos, who had been a vital part of theRWBY story for three volumes. Just when RWBY fans thought the relationship between her and Jaune Arc, which had been teased for three volumes, was about to happen, Pyrrha gets an arrow to the chest, and is turned into a cloud of dust. Fans were rightfully reduced to a sea of tears, so Rooster Teeth did what was only fair.

Give them a cute, non canon series of comedy skits featuring their characters in every day situations. Genius…”



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