“Why Netflix’s Version Of The Defenders Makes Sense”

“When Marvel announced in 2013 that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist would get their own TV shows on Netflix, it was also revealed that the heroes would eventually team up in a Defenders miniseries. To the causal Marvel fan, the chance of seeing a superhero team besides the Avengers is exciting, but hardcore comic book fans know that the MCU’s Defenders are different than the earlier iterations from the comics. However, using street-level heroes rather than the original set of members makes sense in terms of how the Marvel Cinematic Universe is unfolding.

When asked if there was any trepidation involved with changing the Defender’s lineup for the small screen, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada told IGN that the superhero team’s obscurity to the general public helped them adapt the team better for this continuity. Quesada said:

To the world at large, nobody knows who The Defenders are. So the idea of taking the concept, the name and applying it to this world, it feels wholly natural. Even when you look at the origins of how The Defenders book came about, it was really just another way of putting a team together that wasn’t the Avengers, right. So we have a wonderful concept behind why there would be this group and why they would be called The Defenders and why they would exist in this particular world.

Introduced in 1971, the first incarnation of the Defenders consisted of Doctor Strange, Namor the Sub-Mariner and The Hulk, while Silver Surfer and Valkyire would later be added as key members…”



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