“How Legends Of Tomorrow’s Vixen Will Be Different From Arrow’s Version”

“Comic shows have been taking television by storm, and The CW is the place to be for an entire universe of superheroes. One of the more unusual characters to debut on The CW recently was Vixen, who first flaunted her magical powers on an animated web series on CW Seed. She later appeared in the flesh as a guest star in an episode of Arrow, and she’ll soon be making the big jump to appear as a regular on Season 2Legends of Tomorrow. As it happens, however, Legends‘ Vixen Legends will not be the one who helped Oliver Queen, as this will be a Vixen of days gone by.

Vixen’s appearance on Arrow helped Oliver out of a very sticky situation, but her powers were just a little bit too fantastical for her to fit in as a regular in Star City. A woman with the ability to use her magical totem to channel the abilities of animals could conceivably work long term elsewhere, though, so a past version of Vixen joining the time-skipping Rip Hunter and Co. could be the perfect way to incorporate her character into the Super-Legends of Flarrow-verse without overshadowing Oliver Queen on his own show.

The Vixen who showed up on Arrow was also known as Mari McCabe, and she was played by actress Megalyn E.K. Unfortunately for those of us who loved her portrayal of Vixen, Megalyn E.K. is too busy with other projects to join Legends of Tomorrow as a regular. Legends will use time travel shenanigans to recruit an earlier version of Vixen who may or may not have a connection with Mari, according to TV Insider…”



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