“GREEN LANTERNS: REBIRTH #1 is a ‘Swift Kick in the Pants That This Franchise Needed'”

Spoilers ahead.

“You both were chosen because you have the ability to overcome great fear. Better start acting like it.”

Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are the newest Green Lanterns of Earth, the former with a gun in his hands and a chip on his shoulder, the latter in way over her head in a universe of good and evil. While these two characters have only just scratched the surface of their potential, Geoff Johns and Sam Humphries’ Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1 is a great outlet for these rookie ringslingers to finally get some of that sweet emerald spotlight.

Baz and Cruz come from the opposite side of the tracks, but both represent a collective point of view we have yet to really explore in the Green Lantern mythos — they’re both newcomers, both come from tumultuous personal lives, and offer a distinctly different perspective than the primarily white male base of the rest of the earthbound Green Lanterns. But while neither Baz nor Cruz have the longevity of their predecessors, Humphries and Johns play this to their advantage, as these two freshmen superheroes give audiences a smooth entree to everything fans love about this crazy space police world — we have Guardians on the run, secret villains in space, the cold robotic Manhunters, not to mention a veteran Lantern tasked with showing these youngins the ropes…”




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