“We May Know Which Villain Will Be On The Defenders”

“Netflix has done an impressive job with bringing popular Marvel characters to the small screen. While we still have to wait for Luke Cage and Iron Fist to be released, fans are already drooling with anticipation over the Defenders miniseries. A TV version of The Avengers, Netflix and Marvel with assemble each of the four NYC heroes in order to fight for the greater good. One of the biggest questions surrounding The Defenders is which villain the heroes will be attempting to thwart. It’s unlikely that any of the villains we’ve seen thus far will be formidable enough; it has to be someone seriously tough in order to be a match. Now we may know who that villain is.

ScreenGeek is reporting that the villain on the Defenders miniseries is none other that Marvel powerhouse Mephisto. Mephisto is essentially the devil of the Marvel Universe, who ruled over Hell or Hades with an iron fist. He resembles a typical devil character with red skin, pointed ears, horns, and a scary looking cape. Mephisto has a ton of superpowers at his disposal which include force blasts, astral projection, interdimensional portals, shape shifting, illusions, and can capture the souls of recently deceased people. He also doesn’t need to sleep, eat, or age. Basically, he’s a total badass that would give the ragtag scrappy Defenders a serious run for their money.

Of course, at this point the Mephisto rumors are just that, a rumor. Still, Mephisto does make sense for a few reasons…”



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