“There’s Never Been a Better Time to Start Reading Wonder Woman”

“Superman’s Rebirth storyline requires some pretty in-depth knowledge of Superman stories spanning decades. Batman’s rests at least somewhat on a scattering of events in the New 52. But in this week’s Wonder Woman: Rebirth one shot, the Amazon warrior appears to be blowing up her continuity entirely. And that makes it the perfect time for new readers to jump aboard.

Mild spoilers for Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 will follow.

The key fact established in Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark and Liam Sharp’s Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 is that nobody knows exactly how Wonder Woman came to be. Not even — as she realizes in a stunning two-page spread depicting a myriad of Wonder Woman stories — Wonder Woman herself.

There’s a supreme metatextual irony here, for a character whose unsuitability for mainstream adaptation has often been chalked up to her perceived lack of an iconic origin story. Wonder Woman’s origin story is absurdly simple, when you compare it to some recent additions to Hollywood’s comic book community.

The reason why Wonder Woman’s origin isn’t thought of as iconic lies not in its complexity — which is no greater than that of her fellow members of DC’s “Trinity,” Superman and Batman — but rather in how, compared to Superman and Batman, her story has been introduced to a mainstream audience vanishingly less often. Superman first appeared in theaters in 1941, Batman in 1943, and there hasn’t been a decade without at least one Batman or Superman-based film since. Despite an incredibly popular television show that still holds a significant place in the cultural consciousness, Wonder Woman has, in the year 2016, appeared in a mere two movies, as a brief cameo and a secondary character…”



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