“Meet Mosaic, Marvel’s New Body-Jumping Antihero”

“In April, Marvel Comics began teasing readers with a question: “Who is Mosaic?” The phrase appeared in a set of cryptic images featuring puzzle pieces and human faces, the final one of which mentioned the upcoming 11th issue of the publisher’s Uncanny Inhumans series. Now, we have an answer: Mosaic is Marvel’s latest antihero, who will be debuting in that issue. Then, come October, he’s going to star in his own ongoing series, written by Geoffrey Thorne and drawn by Khary Randolph.

That book, Mosaic, will follow the exploits of a man named Morris Sackett. He starts out as a beautiful and successful professional basketball player, a selfish jerk, and — unbeknownst to him — a latent Inhuman. For those not up on their Marvel lore, Inhumans are people with unrealized superpowers who only manifest their special abilities after being exposed to something called the Terrigen Mist. Once that happens to Morris, he finds he no longer has his handsome body. Instead, he’s become a free-floating entity that needs to occupy other people’s bodies in order to survive…

What was attractive about this project?
Geoffrey Thorne: I grew up on Marvel comics. They’re a large part of the reason I became a writer. To be asked to create a new character for Marvel and for that character to be this character and for him to be realized in this way? My inner 12-year-old hasn’t stopped screaming and dancing. And, not to put too fine a point on it, he’s black. I’m getting to add another black character to the Marvel universe that gave us the Black Panther, Cage, Falcon, Blade, Miles Morales, and Storm…”



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