“‘Captain Marvel’: Why Brie Larson is the Perfect Choice”

“As comic book films continue to dominate the box office, the coming years will undoubtedly circle back to give characters of the past another shot at big-screen success. Even so, the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to break new ground and break beloved heroes from the page to the screen for the very first time.

This year’s Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange, for example, add two new marquee heroes to the franchise in Black Panther and the titular Sorcerer Supreme, respectively. However, one character who Marvel has yet to confirm concerning casting is Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, whose film is currently set for release in summer 2018.

Recent reports place Oscar-winner Brie Larson as the frontrunner for the role, and while we should take this news with a grain of salt until Marvel makes a formal casting announcement, we can’t help but be excited at the prospect of Larson joining the MCU.

Beyond simply being the right age and having the right look to sign up for a long-term, multi-picture deal, Larson has achieved just the right level of stardom for Marvel to eagerly sign her up, as the studio typically targets actors who are on the verge of superstardom or whose work has been underrated to date.

History has already given us notorious comic book films like SupergirlElektra, and Catwoman, and Marvel needs to prove that Captain Marvel can deliver. For this to work, the production needs not only a creative team and winning take on the material but also a star who can bring it all home in the way that the MCU has (almost) universally managed to do so far. The studio’s near-flawless reputation would doubly suffer if its first female-led property falls flat…”



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