“‘Wolverine 3’: Could X-23 Be Joining Old Man Logan?”

“Filming for Wolverine 3 is currently underway in New Orleans, and the newest batch of images from the set of the film are providing some great looks at what we can expect to see in Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Logan a.k.a. the Wolverine. From what we can see in the images, Jackman’s character of Wolverine is indeed becoming some iteration of ‘Old Man Logan‘ in the film, indicated by Jackman’s aged look. Although, there’s more contextual information within the images than just small tidbits on Jackman’s character of Wolverine taking on the ‘Old Man Logan’ persona.

The newest batch of images, provided courtesy of Just Jared, give us our first look at Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman in the film, and they’re both looking quite aged in the images provided. Stewart’s character of Charles Xavier and Jackman’s character of Wolverine both appear to be in some distress within the scenes they’ve already filmed.

Any number of variables could play into why Jackman and Stewart appear so weathered and beat-down in the film. But that tidbit of information isn’t important right now. We do need to focus on something else or rather someone else, receiving an introduction to the X-Men universe; evident by the new set images from Wolverine 3 filming in New Orleans…”