“Neil Gaiman Calls American Gods Footage ‘Hyper-Real’ & ‘Gorgeous’”

“The TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s bestseller American Gods has been in the works at Starz since 2014. Two years later and the author himself, who is serving as an executive producer on the series alongside co-showrunners Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) and Michael Green (Heroes), says he’s finally seen some footage, and his description of what the series has in store should be enough to get fans of the novel even more excited than they already are.

Aside from a continual stream of casting news, Gaiman’s account of what Fuller and Co. have cooked up is the closest anyone has come to seeing what the show is going to look like. Given the incredible visual aesthetic of past Fuller series like Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, and certainly the gorgeous, macabre nightmare of NBC’s Hannibal, it’s no wonder Gaiman has been impressed. Along for the ride is frequent Fuller collaborator David Slade — who directed the pilot of the aforementioned Hannibal Lecter series and arguably set the tone for what that show would look like — so this new series stands a good chance of being a sight to behold.

In a recent interview with Digital SpyGaiman described what he’d seen of the series so far…”




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