“X-Men: Who Should Be Cast As The New Mutants?”

“With X-Men: Apocaplyse now in theaters, fans of the X-Men comics can now turn their attention to future stories concerning these heroes. One title that has recently garnered a lot of attention is the mysterious New Mutants movie.

In the comics, the New Mutants are a group of young students with various strange abilities led by Professor Charles Xavier. With the X-Men comic series being as prosperous as it was, Marvel decided to capitalize on the property’s successes by creating a spin-off, aptly named New Mutants.

As a lesser known property outside the world of comic book fans, 20th Century Fox looks to be taking a major risk by adapting the New Mutants series, but with big names like Hugh Jackman at the end of their run with this beloved film franchise, it might be the right move. With casting rumors circulating the web, we thought we would throw our hat in the ring with a handful of names that we would like to see in the X-Men spin-off film.

Here is who we think should be cast as the New Mutants…”




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