“Oscar-Winner Brie Larson Suiting Up For ‘Captain Marvel,’ Director Hunt Narrows”

“After delivering the best performances of 2014 and 2015 in, respectively, Short Term 12 and Room, Oscar winning actress Brie Larson appears ready to suit up for Marvel Studios in Captain Marvel. Word is Larson could first appear as Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) in the second Avengers: Infinity Wars movie and possible even Ant-Man & the Wasp in 2018, before making a splash in her solo adventure in 2019.

Hot on the heels of the casting news (which was first reported by Justin Kroll at Variety) comes word (via Borys Kit and Rebecca Ford at The Hollywood Reporter) Marvel is eyeing The Babadook director Jennifer Kent, andWhale Rider director Niki Caro to helm the project. We must await an official photo to confirm if Captain Marvel’s costume includes a papoose for her dog.

Larson has long been on the shortlist of predictions and expectations for Captain Marvel casting, and recently her name was confirmed as among a handful on the final studio wish-list. Her casting, assuming the success of ongoing negotiations (which are likely being finalized and probably getting down to the length of obligations and any profit participation), would be a tremendous coup for the production, as Larson is by far one of the best performers working in cinema today. She would bring to the role a mix of exceptional dramatic acting chops, wonderful on-screen charisma, and a balance between fierce will and charming sense of humor, all of which are a key components of the best Marvel characters.

Meanwhile, Kent’s first feature film —The Babadook — became an instant horror classic, garnering nearly universal and widespread acclaim. It is indeed a remarkable movie, relying on atmosphere and subtext to drive the terrifying story in a way that makes it far more disturbing and resonant than most modern horror films…”



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