“Mike Colter Talks ‘Luke Cage’ Standalone Series and ‘Defenders’ Team Up: ‘Luke Has a Lot of Skeletons in His Closet'”

“Mike Colter’s Luke Cage was a fan favorite in the first season of Netflix’s gritty Marvel series, Jessica Jones, but the actor is staying humble about his portrayal of the comic book hero.

“Luke Cage comes with his own fan base, I can’t take credit for it,” Colter told ET of his “awesome, diverse, complicated” character. “I feel like I slipped on a pair of really nice shoes and I’m rocking it really nice. Sometimes the suit makes the man, sometimes the man makes the suit. I think [for me] it’s equal at this point.”

Now, the actor is getting a chance to explore his character even further in theLuke Cage standalone series, which hits Netflix on Sept. 30.

“You’re definitely going to get a chance to see the backstory,” Colter teased. “A lot of the stuff you saw in Jessica Jones, the questions you have, the ambiguity, the vagueness [will be answered]… Luke has a lot of skeletons in his closet. He will unleash a lot of the information that people are dying to get to.”

Fans first met Cage in Jessica Jones as an impassive bar owner with impenetrable skin, but Colter says the series will give a deeper look into the origins of the reluctant hero.

“He’s a convict on the run, he’s a guy that basically wants to just be left alone to lick his wounds, to move on and find a way to get through life,” the actor explained. “But ultimately, he comes across people who need his help. That’s what happens. He’s a person with abilities and he’s a person with a conscience and eventually, he realizes that the community and the neighborhood needs him…”



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