“‘The New Mutants’: What We Know So Far About the ‘X-Men’ Spin-Off”

“Last year, Fox revealed plans to expand its X-Men universe with The New Mutants. Now, director Josh Boone is dropping hints about what fans can expect to see from the franchise’s latest spin-off.

As previously revealed, The New Mutants will be a standalone spin-off, based on the series that first entered the X-Men Comics universe in the early 1980s. Created by Chris Claremont and BobMcLeod, the comic was the first ever X-Men spinoff.  The series centered on a second generation of mutants, who attended classes at Charles Xavier’s school and also trained to one day become full-fledged X-Men at night. It followed the young group as they not only dealt with typical angsty teenage problems (like crushes, heartbreak, and homework), but also came to terms with their powers and encountered their own adventures – ones that involved everything from alien invaders to teleportation mishaps.

Since the initial announcement, both Boone and Fox have remained tight-lipped about exactly which New Mutant characters will appear in the movie. But now, Boone is seemingly confirming which of the young mutants will be a part of the film’s lineup. The director took to social media to make the big reveal, posting images of the different team members, including: sorceress Magik; transforming werewolf Wolfsbane; Dani Moonstar also known as  the mind-reading Mirage; the flying Cannonball; the shape-shifting, size-changing Warlock and Sunspot, who absorbs solar radiation.

As fans have pointed out already, the team is pretty much the same as the original New Mutants group, although it swaps  original leader Karma for Magik. But the hints didn’t end there. Boone also posted a photo of the alien shiftshaper Warlock, who first appeared in New Mutants #18. So it looks like the comedic character could also be joining the lineup in the movie. The roles have yet to be cast, so fans will have to stay tuned for more details, but it’s clear the film is gradually starting to take shape…”



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