“[Rumors] Netflix: Blade, Moon Knight & Ghost Rider Series to be Created on Netflix”

“Netflix is one of the largest television series releasing platforms in the world. The platform has already taken over Marvel character series like ‘Daredevil’ and other hit series like ‘Orange is the New Black.’

We revealed that Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ series may be going to the platform after we also revealed that ABC had canceled the show. Now, we reveal that Netflix will be adding three more comic book characters to their line-up in the form of series.

Our sources have revealed that Blade, Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight are lined-up to join Netflix. It is believed that the series is currently on the table and Netflix are growing ever closer to approving and picking who they want to helm the projects or bring them to life.

Out of all the three characters, Blade was the only to be brought from film ( Played by Wesley Snipes) and later moved to television (Played by rapper Sticky Fingaz). It should be noted that the show itself didn’t last that long.

The three comic book characters will join the likes of Punisher, who is played by the Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal. Another comic book character, Ghost Rider, was brought to life with the help of actor Nicholas Cage, who portrayed Johnny Blaze’s version of the Rider. The film series had fallen apart with the last film titled ‘Ghostrider: Spirit of Vengeance’ after the success of its first exceptionally written and put together film simply known as ‘Ghost Rider’…

Nevertheless, nothing else has currently been revealed about the TV or new Netflix series. However, you can stay updated with us as more info is revealed.”



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