“‘Wonder Woman’ Star Gal Gadot Celebrates the End of Filming on the Solo Movie”

“The dust has barely settled from the superhero clash in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — and, shortly thereafter, the fight between fans and critics over the film’s less-than-stellar reviews. But it’s already time to begin looking forward to the next would-be DC blockbuster: Wonder Woman. And as evidenced by a new announcement from its star, that titanic Amazonian adventure is well on its way to storming theaters on-schedule in June 2017.

In an Instagram post from yesterday, headliner Gal Gadot can be seen joyously closing the clapboard on production of Wonder Woman. While there’s undoubtedly still lots more post-production and computer-effects work to be done on the Warner Bros film, Gadot’s online post made it clear that, in terms of her solo-movie performance, she’s now officially done.

While Gadot may have hung up her sword, shield and lasso for the time being, details remain scarce on her DC effort, aside from the fact that it’ll be set during WWI — thus making it an origin-story prequel to Batman v Superman — and that Gadot’s heroine will be joined by a cadre of fierce female warriors to be played by Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, and Lisa Loven Kongsli…”



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