“Black Panther Is The Best Selling Comic In April 2016”

“The new Black Panther #1 takes the top spot in April in comic stores, reportedly selling over 300,000, beating out the launch of Star Wars title Poe Cameron, one of four Star Wars titles in the top ten. But it’s the appearance of the Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad April Fool Special that might promise much for Suicide Squad Rebirth from the same creative team of Rob Williams and Jim Lee.

We are also in a world where the launch of Gwenpool beats out the regular issue of Star Wars.

March saw Boom’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 takes second place in the charts, behind Batman #50.  Marvel dropped their dollar share by three points, but gained a little in the numbers they were selling. While DC maintained their dollar share, but the amount of comics they sold dropped three points, possibly because the price of their comics went up with all the $4.99 issue 50 titles.

In April’s figures, it’s all about the Marvel gains.

Marvel’s dollar share has risen rapidly from 37.39% to 42.98% and their sales share has jumped  from 42.71% to 47.87%, over five points for each.

While DC Comics’ dollar share has slipped back slightly from 26.32% to 25.82% and their sales share has also slipped slightly from 25.94% to 25.13%…”



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