“How ​Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.​’s Chloe Bennet Went from Pop Star to Superhero”

TV: The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been criticized for starring, to quote, “a lot of white guys named Chris.” But to many fans, the idea of strong women is not new or surprising! Have you been able to connect with fans excited to see themselves in a multiracial female protagonist?

CB: When I was a kid, I genuinely didn’t think I‘d get to be on TV without having blonde hair and blue eyes. When I first got to L.A. I was told I wasn’t “white enough to be the lead or Asian enough to be best friend.” And I thought that was true! It’s crazy, in hindsight, how racist that really was, and I accepted it and thought that it was normal and okay. The show has been so empowering for me in that way, to have young people of all different backgrounds come up to me and tell me they feel they can be an actor, because of me. It’s incredible to be that face.

I’m so proud of what the show has done, and I think we haven’t gotten enough credit for the amount of diversity we bring to our show. Our showrunner is an Asian-American woman, and our two lead females are Asian-American women. 90% of stunts and the ass-kicking and the saving on the show are from the women. I don’t think it’s talked about enough! We’ve quietly been breaking new ground.

TV: You’ve talked about how growing up with brothers made you a comics fan at a young age. Who’s your favorite comic character?

CB: She can be kind of a villain, but I love Jean Grey. She was one of the first, and I loved the X-Men. I still do! I really love Marvel. Something about Jean’s character resonates with me…”




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