“Latino Superheroes in Movies”

“There have been many discussions, and rightfully so, about the lack of Black Superheroes in movies. Over the years, this has been rectified starting with Spawn (1997), Steel (1997) and the Blade trilogy (starting in 1998). I am not including the Blankman and Meteor Man, which came out before these movies and were superhero parodies, in this discussion. From there on, Black marquee superheroes (Catwoman, Hancock & the upcoming Black Panther) and supporting superheroes (Frozone, John Wraith, Storm, Darwin, Nick Fury, War Machine/Iron Patriot, Falcon, Bishop, and the upcoming Human Torch & Cyborg) have made it to the big screen.

Asian superheroes have also made it to the big screen usually in villain form (Lady Deathstrike, Agent Zero and Silver Samurai) or total fake-out (Mandarin). A few heroes have emerged such as Jubilee (brief appearance), Kato, Yukio and Blink. More needs to be done.

But, when it comes to Latino Superheroes/Supervillains, only TWO (2) have made it to the big screen. Bane had the luchadore look from the comics in Batman & Robin (1997), but was re-imagined for The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Both actors were not Latino though. Jeep Swenson was a Texan and Tom Hardy is Australian respectively. I was so happy that Roberto De Costa AKA Sunspot in X-Men: Days Of Future Past (2014) was played by Adan Canto, an actual Mexican actor born in the same state, Coahuila, as my grandfather!

What Latino Superheroes can be introduced in the movies within the next decade? Here are my suggestions:

Tarantula (Maria Vasquez)

I would love to see a Heroes For Hire movie with Black Cat, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Tarantula, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. I would not mind if they swap out Iron Fist for Shang-Chi to be more ethnically diverse (sorry Iron Fist fans) since Shang-Chi was in the third incarnation of the team. Luke Cage is getting his own Netflix series at this time. I hope that this can evolve into a Heroes For Hire movie in the future.

Suggested Actress for Tarantula: Genesis Rodriguez…”



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