“‘The Jungle Book’ Box Office: Disney Film Passes Another Milestone”

“Disney’ “The Jungle Book” far outperformed initial expectations at the box office that pegged the film for a $70 million opening weekend. In reality, the Jon Favreau-directed live-action fairy tale took in north of $103 million, positioning it for one of the more profitable Hollywood runs in 2016.

As of now, “The Jungle Book” has earned $255.8 million domestically and $452.8 million overseas for an impressive worldwide total of $708.6 million. That number ranks “The Jungle Book” as this year’s fourth-highest grossing film and Disney’s second 2016 feature to cross the $700 million mark along with “Zootopia.”

“The Jungle Book” surpassed $600 million on April 29 and has since added more than $100 million to its global total due to strongholds in North America. In the United States, “The Jungle Books” has held onto the No. 1 ranking at the box office every day of its release and has been the top earner in three consecutive weekends. This past weekend’s earnings of $43.7 million marked the sixth-best third weekend of all time.

In China, which is rapidly becoming the most important international market for box office success, “The Jungle Book” has earned $138.8 million to become Disney’s third-largest release in the country. In India, “The Jungle Book” has already become the highest-grossing Hollywood release of all time with $34.4 million. Other important markets include France ($19.4 million), Mexico ($19.9 million) and the U.K. ($48 million). The film hasn’t even yet opened in Korea (June 9) or Japan (Aug. 11)…”



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