“5 Things Olivia Munn Did to Get Her ‘X-Men’ Body”

“In X-Men: Apocalypse, out May 27, Olivia Munn joins the Marvel world as Psylocke, a character who uses telekinesis to strike with superhuman strength. To get in fighting shape-and fit in a risqué latex body suit she’s admitted needing lube to get into-the actress turned to husband-wife duo Karine Lemieux and Ken Tran of martial arts-focused DAX Gym in Montreal. Ahead, five things Munn did over five months to lose 12 pounds and transform her body:

1. She made training a (second) full-time job

“If she wasn’t shooting, she was at the gym. No question,” Lemieux says, adding that Munn trained for six or seven hours daily. On top of filming. Lemieux trained Munn-who happens to have a black belt in tae kwon do, which she earned as a teen-using mainly body-weight exercises: punching, kicking, and other techniques from boxing and tae kwon do. “I tried to make it fun every day-she doesn’t like a typical workout,” the trainer says. Good thing he made it fun, because as Lemieux says, “I think she was at the gym more often than in her apartment.”

2. She took sword fighting seriously

Two hours of training alone were spent perfecting sword work with Tran, who says Munn did 95 percent of her own stunts in the movie. She toned her arms with drills in striking, chopping, stabbing, blocking, and twirling. Tran was impressed in her investment in learning not only necessary choreography, but the whole art of sword fighting. “That’s the type of person she is. She’s not going to do it superficially,” Tran says of Munn. “She picks up really fast and she works really hard, so we went up levels very fast…”



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