“Wong Fu Productions On How They Remain Relevant Even After 10 Years Of Making Videos”

“I still vividly remember the very first Wong Fu Productions video I had ever watched. Back in 2010, I was relatively new to the idea of Facebook and some of my friends had shared a video captioning it with plenty of ‘haha’s and ‘lol’s. I decided to check it out and the video was none other than ‘The Allergy’ which featured several famous YouTubers including Chris Dinh and David Choi in a hilarious 3-minute sketch.

Wong Fu Productions then quickly rose to become one of the few YouTubers which I started to watch frequently and it was for the very reason that they produced content which I could relate to. Of course, many girls would also agree that the lads aren’t too hard on the eyes either.

What interested me was the fact that despite years on end of producing shorts, they never stuck to a rigid form of creating content. The team of original 3 made out of Philip Wang, Wesley Chan and Ted Fu had continued to evolve throughout the years.

For instance, their short films which started out on the funny end slowly evolved to include more serious topics like love and even episodic content which is a strategic move to garner more viewers who aren’t there on a one-off basis, but have the actual interest to watch the stories that Wong Fu Productions creates.

Alongside their content which has grown by miles throughout the years, the three lads also saw a change whereby their core team now consists of Phil, Wes, Christine Chen and Taylor Chan. They recently graced out shores to promote their first ever full-length film and told Vulcan Post that it has been really cool to see the fans responding well to the new additions in their team…”



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