“Marvel Wants a Headlining Asian Superhero in the Future”

“All the fan and critical about Asian erasure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is being heard. When Captain America: Civil War stopped in Singapore last week, the topic inevitably came up. Of course, this was before Doctor Strange writer C. Robert Cargill admitted the Chinese market is why the Ancient One isn’t an Asian man. Unlike Cargill, Marvel Vice President of Asia Brand Management and Development, C.B. Cebulski, had a much more positive outlook on the future of diversity in the Marvel universe. When asked if there were any plans for bringing an Asian superhero to the big screen, Cebulski was optimistic Marvel’s on that path within the next few years.

“Things have to happen naturally, that’s what Marvel is about you know, it’s about finding to right character at the right time and we knew it was the right time for Black Panther and we know it’s the right time for Captain Marvel, hopefully in the next couple of years it will, be the right time for the proper Asian superhero, you know be it Miss Marvel or Sunfire or someone to really pop and take centre stage in one of the films.”

Who would Cebulski personally want to see on the big screen? Spider-Man’s break-out character from the Spider-Verse arc, Cindy Moon. While Spider-Man’s movie rights are owned by Sony and lent out to Marvel, Moon’s and her superhero alter ego of Silk may not be tied to that deal as she was created long after Peter Parker.

Marvel is also taking steps to make sure any new Asian characters have a “level of authenticity,” according to Cebulski. He travels throughout Asia looking for undiscovered talent; everywhere from Malaysia and Indonesia, to the Philippines and Singapore. One of the most successful collaborations to date is South Korean-created superhero, White Fox. Produced by Young hoon Ko as part of Marvel’s webtoon experiment, Avengers: Electric Rain, White Fox became so popular in South Korea that she made the jump to the main Marvel continuity in 2014. Her comic book counterpart was co-created by Al Ewing and Paco Medina…”



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