“Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal Rape Kit Segment Helped Pass Real-Life Legislation”

“This year’s election season is a big one for Samantha Bee — not only is it the first one she’s covering as part of her weekly TBS series, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, but it’s the first campaign cycle the Canadian-born TV host can vote in as a U.S. citizen. In fact, she had voted in New York’s primary Tuesday.

“It felt good to me,” she said hours after casting her vote. “I got my [‘I Voted’] sticker, I made them give me a sticker.”

Speaking at Full Frontal’s Tribeca Tune-In panel at the Tribeca Film Festival alongside her showrunner Jo Miller (who, like Bee, came from The Daily Show during Jon Stewart’s tenure), the two toldNew York magazine’s Stacy Wilson Hunt they’re excited to attend this year’s Republican and Democratic conventions for the show. The pair also chatted about nailing down the Full Frontal format, Bee’s very early interest in funny news reports, and the real-life impact the show has had.

In March, Full Frontal ran a segment in which Bee reported on the hundreds of thousands of rape kits across the United States that go untested for DNA evidence, and how a Republican state senator in Georgia blocked a bill last year that would have required law enforcement officials to find, count, and test those kits. As Miller tells it, after the segment aired, legislations were able to get the proposal passed.

“At the eleventh hour, after our piece ran, it got a lot of attention and they managed to get it passed by attaching it to another bill — a legislator sacrificed her part of a bill that had to do with background checks for guns and they put in the rape kit in a way that it wouldn’t go through committee, so [it] would just get an up or down vote without going up in this committee,” she explained. “So it got passed at like, 1 till midnight and the supporters were tweeting at us and letting us know…”



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