“”Civil War” Character Bio Reveal New Spider-Man, Black Panther Details”

“With two full teams of heroes standing in opposition against each other, “Captain America: Civil War” has one of the largest casts ever assembled for a superhero movie. With so many players on the battlefield, there are a lot of motivations as well as interpersonal history to unpack. Thankfully, a “Civil War” press kit does just that by going deep into the mindset of each character as well as the cast and crew bringing them to life.

Included in the lengthy press kit are a number of character bios; these bios reveal a number of new details, like the fact that Tony Stark recruits Spider-Man, Black Panther’s father supports superhero registration, Hawkeye now wears purple, and Vision has the ability to replicate clothing for himself. In addition to the bios, Stitch Kingdom pulled out additional press kit info from outside the bios to provide an update on some of the characters’ costumes.


Steve Rogers/ Captain America — Steve Rogers is leading the new Avengers team on missions to safeguard humanity, but when collateral damage sparks governmental oversight, Steve, in a surprising about-face, rejects the regulation — in opposition to Tony Stark’s compliance. As the Avengers take sides, Steve is running another agenda that threatens all of them by stepping out of the bounds of the law to save and defend his best friend Bucky Barnes — the infamous Winter Soldier.
COSTUME UPDATE: There were subtle changes in Captain America’s costume — color was one and subtle changes to all the details and cut. It became a combination of the stealth suit from Winter Soldier and the Avengers: Age of Ultron suit.

Sam Wilson/Falcon — Sam Wilson’s Falcon is now a full-fledged Avenger and he is fiercely loyal to Captain America and the team. Opposing the government and Tony Stark at the same time poses no problem for the winged Avenger, who sets out to recruit Ant-Man as an added bonus for Team Cap.
COSTUME UPDATE: Falcon’s suit is more high-tech and embellished with red on the wings and modified jet pack…”



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