“Harley Quinn Continues to Dominate in New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer”

“Tonight at the MTV Movie Awards, they premiered a new Suicide Squad trailer, and it’s another winner. Confident and strange and full of new images and lines, it both clearly connects this film to the larger DC world with that opening dialogue about Superman and the shots of Batman in action, and also makes it clear just how different this is than the film that is still currently playing in theaters everywhere. While I’m well aware of the issues our own Donna Dickens has with the version of Harley Quinn that this movie seems to be portraying, I just plain disagree.

Everything we’ve seen so far of Margot Robbie’s work is distinguished to me by the delightful insanity of the choices she’s making. I love this Harley, and it has nothing to do with the booty shorts. If anything, I could argue after this clip that Harley is totally aware of the reaction her appearance causes in people, and she’s using that as a weapon as much as any mallet or gun or baseball bat we see. She is an animal in these clips, truly deranged, and if Robbie doesn’t emerge as a full-fledged movie star after this, I will be shocked.

She and Will Smith appear to be the closest thing to leaders that the Suicide Squad has, but the new trailer finally gives us a little bit more of some of the other players. Jay Fernandez as El Diablo makes a strong impression here, and David Ayer may be a genuine genius if he’s actually found a role that makes great use of Jai Courteney, who looks hilarious as Captain Boomerang. Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) also gets a little bit more of a focus in this trailer, and he looks like a great foil for the big insane personalities of the team.

And then there’s Mr. J…”



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