“Daredevil: Elodie Yung Reflects on Elektra, the Meaning of ‘Strong Female Character'”

WARNING: The following contains spoilers from season 2 of Daredevil. Read at your own risk!

Before landing the role of the sharp-tongued (and sharp sai-wielding) Elektra on Daredevil, French-Cambodian actress ElodieYung had never once set foot inside a comic book store. “I’ve never had to read comics before,” she admits, adding that she had no idea she was even auditioning for season 2 of Marvel’s gritty series on The Man Without Fear.

But even after learning she would be tackling an iconic antiheroine, Yung says she didn’t feel much pressure at all. Just studying up on the character’s history helped her develop her own take. “I didn’t think, ‘Let’s try to make something different [from what’s been done],’ ” Yung says. “I just really wanted to get to know her.” That easygoing attitude has helped her work with the part’s demanding physicality (Yung’s black belt in karate also came in handy), importance to the overarching story of season 2 (Elektra’s revealed to be tied to the mystery of the Black Sky), and most of all, the pressure that came from joining a series that boasted a huge fandom, the biggest she’s encountered in her career.

Yung’s slick performance helped inject energy into the dark drama — a turn fans cheered after hoping for an impressive small-screen take on the character who previously headlined a less-than-stellar film. A few days after completing a lengthy international press tour — she chronicled her country-hopping adventures online — Yung spoke to EW to look back on her meaty, breakout role.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You just finished a long leg in your press tour for the show. How are you feeling? What has it been like for you to be in your most visible role yet?

ELODIE YUNG: It feels like this month has been a bit unmoored, with jet lag. It’s been great to travel, because I really enjoyed being Elektra, so it’s not a problem talking about it. It’s all new, but I get to see this side of the job as well, and when you like the project and the part, then it’s good to share it with people… And I’m French, so I’m drinking my coffee, and it’s keeping me going…”



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