“Luke Cage: Mike Colter Talks Character Backstory in Season 1”

“Marvel’s Luke Cage series is the third part of its Defenders initiative on Netflix, and picks up with the titular hero after the events of season 1 ofJessica Jones. Now in Harlem, Cage will have to choose between remaining in the shadows or stepping forward to use his abilities for the good of his fellow man.

While Cage’s origins were only alluded to in Jessica Jones, more details on how he became the man with the unbreakable skin will apparently be shown in the first season of the character’s solo series. That doesn’t necessarily mean that explaining his powers will be the focus of the season, however.

Speaking to the crowds at Wizard World St. Louis, Colter revealed that his character would use his catchphrase of “Sweet Christmas” more often in the solo series, and promises that “[Cage is] going to do a lot of badass stuff! Prepare for badassery!” More importantly, however, he revealed that the first season would focus on his character’s reluctance to being a hero and deciding to use his abilities to help others. “He wasn’t trying to be a super hero,” Colter explained, speaking of Luke Cage. “The series is about him growing into that.”

He also discussed the inclusion of the character’s backstory in season 1 of Luke Cage. “I think we show it in a really cool way,” Colter explained, hinting at the possibility of more than just a flashback sequence. Given that the official synopsis for the show refers to “a sabotaged experiment” being the cause of his powers, it’s possible fans will discover the origins of Cage’s abilities as he does. While in-depth investigation is more in the job description of Jessica Jones, perhaps details about the experiment that gave Cage his powers will be revealed in other ways…”



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