“‘Zootopia’ Now China’s Leggiest Movie Ever, Closes In On Disney’s ‘Ultron’ Record $240 Million”

“The beastly grosses for Disney’s Zootopia continued to pile up this weekend as eager moviegoers extended the animated feature’s record-setting China haul to $220 million. That’s within striking distance of Disney’s all-time China record holding Avengers: Age of Ultron, which scored $240 million last May.

The highest grossing film ever in the PRC is Stephen Chow’s blockbuster comedy-with-a-social-conscience The Mermaid, which recently concluded its run with a $523 million haul.

Zootopia has had what is now officially the leggiest box office run in history for a wide opener in China. Its 62x multiple from its opening day of 22.9 million yuan (US$3.5 million) has beaten out the 61.9x opening day multiple that local language comedy Goodbye Mr. Loser achieved in October, 2015, when it captivated audiences last fall with a 1.4 billion yuan ($227 million) total run after a 23 million yuan opening day. It also recently beat the animation record multiple of 53.1x that had been set by last summer’s Monkey King: Hero is Back.

This weekend, its fourth, the talking animal picture had an exceptional hold on ticket buyers, dropping a very modest 25 percent for an $11.9 million 3-day total. On Sunday it actually outgrossed Batman v Superman, which is only in its second weekend, earning $6.5 million versus the superhero pic’s $5 million…

The two-week extension gives Zootopia a reasonable chance to catch Avengers: Age of Ultron and surpass it to become Disney’s biggest Middle Kingdom hit to date. With weak local competition in the coming weeks, and surprisingly resilient box office super powers, Zootopia might just wind up defeating the superheroes.”



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