“Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff Girls Fight Evil on TV and Beyond”

“The Powerpuff Girls have battled a rogue’s gallery of evil lab monkeys, hillbilly monsters and androgynous devils. But for the first time, they face a new challenge: a fight for relevancy.

Eleven years after their television series ended, the Powerpuff Girls — Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup — are returning to Cartoon Network on Monday. But as children are increasingly moving away from watching television, the network has a new plan to reach them on many platforms, including publishing, digital and licensed products.

This broader approach is part of an effort to create a wider world for fans, said Christina Miller, the president and general manager of Cartoon Network, which is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, a unit of Time Warner.

“It’s not one dimension or one platform,” she said. “It’s about bringing an experience to life in multiple ways.”

The landscape has changed since the first Powerpuff Girls series began in 1998, when TV was the focus and brand extensions came later. “There was too much linear thinking in the past, with less planning and more reaction,” Ms. Miller said. Now, the Powerpuff Girls will have a slow rollout and pop up in a variety of places — in a runway show, for instance, and on mobile devices.

“The last time, we launched a show,” Ms. Miller said. “This time, we are launching a franchise…”


[To promote the much-anticipated revival, which comes out April 4, Cartoon Network created“Powerpuff Yourself,” and it’s basically the next best thing to actually fighting crime with the Powerpuff Girls. The website includes an astonishing amount of options for customization, from skin tone to facial hair to accessories…”]




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