“Five Heroes Perfect for Marvel’s Next Wave of Netflix Series”

“So, you’ve finished your binge of “Daredevil” Season Two, and you want more. Sure, you can watch Season One again and revisit “Jessica Jones,” but it’s still nearly six months before Marvel Television‘s next series debuts on Netflix: “Luke Cage,” scheduled for release on Sept. 30.

After that, fans have “Iron Fist,” and then “Marvel’s Defenders” to look forward to — but let’s be real. We’re comic book fans, and we’re already thinking about what’s next after all that. As generations of Marvel Comics devotees know, there are many more street-level heroes ready and willing to fight the good fight, who would fit right in with Matt, Jessica, Luke and Danny.

Beyond the stars of the shows, viewers have already seen the Punisher, Elektra and PatsyTrish Walker (AKA Hellcat) kicking ass and taking names. The potential doesn’t stop there — plenty of Marvel characters would be at home in the noir world that Marvel has built on Netflix. Since the first episode of the first season of “Daredevil,” Marvel has established a brutal, ever-expanding world that combines the tropes of martial arts cinema with the grim and gritty reality of a Raymond Chandler novel — while somehow taking place in the same fictional world as large-scale Marvel Studios films like “The Avengers.”

These five Marvel heroes could each potentially their own Netflix series, in case a new wave of shows is in the works…”



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