“‘Jane the Virgin’ Actress Gina Rodriguez Is Bound for Big Things”

““Oh my god! Did you see that?” Gina Rodriguez asks her driver as they pass the scene of a near-miss accident on the way home. “That woman really almost got hit by that car. I don’t know how she didn’t, actually. Scary.”

The sight startles the 31-year-old star of Jane the Virgin, but doesn’t faze her for long. Truth is, nothing could. She’s still riding high from the news she got on the drive home the day before. After wondering aloud if she’d get a sign about the show’s future, Rodriguez had her wish granted: Forty-five minutes later, she got a text from her manager that her star-making series had been renewed by the CW for a third season. So today she’s returning after a long day that featured an arduous table read for the next episode as well as a little celebratory filming — for social media.

“Me and Jaime Camil, who plays my father, we did a Dubsmash thanking everyone,” Rodriguez says, “and I’m working on a video I’m going to tweet out — it’s funny.”

Rodriguez’s joy is sincere and hard to contain, not that she feels the need to try. As with all her emotions (confidence, outrage, grief, anxiety, gratitude — especially gratitude), Rodriguez wears this one unapologetically on her sleeve. A lot of this elation traces back to another of Rodriguez’s frequently expressed emotions: humility. Jane the Virgin is adored by critics — Rodriguez won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Comedy in 2015  (and was nominated again this year) — and it has a passionate, engaged fan base, so you would think its return would be something of a foregone conclusion. Yet Rodriguez never took it for granted. “You think that if you do good work, then hopefully you’ll have something to show for it,” she says, “but until it’s official, I’m not expecting anything. You don’t really know…”



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