“President Obama Meets Ms. Marvel”

“The latest big Marvel crossover event just happened at the White House.

Sana Amanat, Marvel editor and director of content and character development, introduced President Obama at a reception for Women’s History Month on Wednesday. And while she was there, she also introduced the president to Marvel superhero Kamala Khan.

Amanat, co-creator of the current Ms. Marvel, also spoke about Kamala in her opening remarks at the reception.

“Two years ago writer G. Willow Wilson, artist Adrian Alphona and I created a story about a young woman with dreams of being ‘normal,'” Amanat said. “Her name is Kamala Khan and she’s a Muslim American girl from Jersey City. We comic folks call her Ms. Marvel.”

Kamala’s story shows how “being ‘normal’ isn’t one race, one gender, one point of view. Being ‘normal’ is being different. And being different is being American,”  Amanat said.

After introducing Obama as another “barrier-breaking hero” (and “the supportive husband of a real-life superhero” Michelle Obama), “Spider-Man’s sidekick” opened his remarks by addressing Amanat.

“Ms. Marvel may be your comic book creation, but I think for a lot of young boys and girls, Sana’s a real superhero,” Obama said.”



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