“Walker Reforges the Bonds between Power Man and Iron Fist”

CBR News: Launching a new series with a longtime fan base like “Power Man and Iron Fist” might be tough because of the desire to make it accessible to new readers while speaking to the established fan base. “Power Man and Iron Fist” #1 did that by bringing in Jennie Royce and touching on the events of the Fred Van Lente “Power Man and Iron Fist” series from a few years back starring Danny Rand and Vic Alvarez. What made you want to use the fallout from that series as a launching point for this one?

David Walker: Fred used Jennie as part of the hook for that series he did a few years back, but longtime fans from back in the ’70s and ’80s would recognize her, and when I was first developing this idea I knew I wanted to use a character that had something of a rich history with Power Man and Iron Fist, but didn’t have a ton of their own moments, if you will.

I was going back and forth between is there a villain that we could use in this, or is there an old ally? Then I remembered what Fred had done in the previous storyline. I was like, “I think Jennie is still in prison.” So all the pieces just sort of fell together.

One of the things I noticed about Luke and Danny’s dynamic in issue #1 was that Luke seemed incredibly reluctant to be adventuring with Danny again, but Danny was incredibly enthusiastic. What else can you tell us about that dynamic?

I always felt like in the best “buddy pictures,” or whatever you want to call them, the dynamic that always worked best when there’s some sort of internal conflict between the two characters; some sort of ideological split that has them at odds. So I was just sort of looking at who they were historically as characters and where they are in the current state of the Marvel Universe…”



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