“Daredevil Season 2: 10 Reasons To Be Excited”



“After a wait that’s felt longer than 12 months, Daredevil Season 2 finally arrives on Netflix this week.

The first season of Netflix and Marvel’s team-up series was an unqualified success; a hit with critics and viewers alike. There were doubts over whether or not it would work, with that Ben Affleck still living strong in the memory of most Marvel (and DC, given the Batfleck backlash) fans, while it remained to be seen just how the MCU – all brightly-coloured, CGI-filled, wise-cracking heroes – would translate into a more gritty and grounded TV series.

They were already being put to bed after the first episode, and were destroyed by the end of the second. Daredevil was one of the best TV shows of 2015, and stands as one of the best products Marvel has put on a screen of any size.

Such was the popularity that Netflix altered their plans, moving back the release dates for Luke Cage and Iron Fist to incorporate a second season for the Man Without Fear. That looks like being a very good decision. While Luke Cage, which will arrive in September, is exciting after his appearance in Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist is intriguing, the promise of more Daredevil is much more so. The stakes are being raised, there are some big new characters being introduced, and based on everything we know and have seen, it should at least match Season 1, if not manage to top it.

10. It’ll Build On A Great First Season

I’ve already mentioned that the first season of Daredevil was pretty great. It was a focused study of two characters who were two sides of the same coin; Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk wanted the same things for Hell’s Kitche, they just had VERY different ideas about how they were to do it. Added to that were the origins of Daredevil, the great dynamic between Matt, Foggy, and Karen, interesting supporting characters like Claire Temple, and some of the best action scenes we’ve seen from a superhero story on screen.

There could be a worry that it was so good they might not be able to top it, but indications are that they can. For a start, the origins are out of the way. That means that this can focus even more on Daredevil as a hero, and the conflicts he faces. The supporting characters (those that have made it, anyway) are more rounded now too, so there are more places to go with characters such as Foggy and Karen, while they world they inhabit is already built, and fleshed out further thanks to Jessica Jones.

There’s a lot of great stuff to build upon, and means some of the hard work has already been done…”



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