“Captain America: Civil War Set Interview: Chadwick Boseman”

“In June 2015 we traveled to Pinewood Atlanta Studios to visit the set ofCaptain America: Civil War, the same location where a year prior we visited the production of Ant-Man. Where the latter focused on introducing a new Avenger, the former brings back… all of the Avengers and then some, including Ant-Man in a new costume.

And while new costumes, including Hawkeye’s completely redesigned outfit, were the highlights of the action sequences we saw being shot that day, by far the most interesting and exciting thing we saw on set was Black Panther. Chadwick Boseman plays the character whose real name is T’Challa, and he’s the first Marvel Studios lead character to get introduced in another movie before getting his own solo story.

The Black Panther costume, which at the time had only been revealed in official concept art, was unlike any other suit we’ve seen in the MCU to date. It has its own style and aesthetic, unique to Wakanda, a nation we’ve still yet to explore but will in Phase 3. It also requires CGI in post-production to complete the helmet, not unlike the Iron Man, War Machine, and Vision character designs. And in the hot summer weather in Atlanta, the Black Panther costume is excruciating to wear, especially in the fight scenes where we saw the character leaping, clawing, and performing impressive martial arts moves against The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan).

The day before we saw Black Panther in action on set, a runway of a German airport that will be filled out in post thanks to 80-foot green screens surrounding the outdoor location shot, we sat down with Chadwick Boseman to talk about the character and Captain America: Civil War. He couldn’t say much, but we did get into the character’s Wakandan accent, what the Black Panther solo movie could explore, and his role in the MCU compared to Captain America and Iron Man.

So how do you fit into this movie? Is this an origin story for you, or do they just kind of throw you into the middle of it?

Chadwick Chadwick Boseman: I’m just kind of thrown into the middle. It’s definitely not an origin story, no. It’s not an origin story.

So how do you factor in then? When we meet you, are you already Black Panther?

Chadwick Boseman: You meet me as the Prince of Wakanda. You meet me as a politician/monarch, not as a superhero…”



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